Delivery Chest

Ever wanted to deliver items to a box instead of directly to the player?
Ever wanted to secure that a full inv doesnt end on the ground? now you can with the MCG Delivery Chest addon!

website maker


Show neat looking Holographics with the latest Donators or show a nice looking Donation goal for monthly Goal counting!

Action Bridge

Add thirth party plugins their actions to the action system for easy access and intergrated support!

Mine Bridge

Intergrate MCGMinestore into other plugins using this bridge between them! From placeholders to Leaderboards

WebSite Modules

From update 2.2 of minestore the web end supports Modules they need to be put in the Modules folder on the website

simply put the folder with the module.php into the modules folder and open up the module.php file and edit the configuration options above the No edit line

Module name Description Release date Get Module
Data ViewerShows product data thats stored on the webend07-04-2019Download
Key RenewRenews a key if you lost your old one07-04-2019Download
Discord Donation NotifierSends discord notifications on donate to a discord webhook07-04-2019Download
Discord Sale NotifierSends discord notification on a new sale to a discord webhook07-04-2019Download
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Wanna make your own modules?

Write your own modules!
Customize your experience!


See the Minestore and addon Usage!

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