The FAQ for those with questions!

  • What are the costs? - One time purchase fee then nothing!
  • What does error *** mean? - Please make a support ticket when you get errors. (see below)
  • What makes this better then ... Donation system? - its the only one fully ingame beside the fact that others limit if you do not pay them monthly this one is one time all features!
  • Is it secure? - Yes it certainly is it works with a encryption and key system basically a pincode thats encrypted and compaired to the server his own key beside the fact that it never stores any personal information only the ingame nickname and products purhcased
  • Is it  customizeable? - yes you can translate it to the full change colors and icons used in gui's
  • Does it work on versions lower then 1.13? - Yes but i will not give support for it
  • What gateways are supported? - Paymentwall / Paypal / PayGol
  • is it truely unlimited? - Yes with the exception of features and category's those are both around the 45 limit due to the inventory limit.
  • Whats the action system? - A system that changes short code into a full feature. for example M:100 means give the player 100 cash!
  • Can it run on http instead of https? - well technically yes and no first it will work on http but require some coding knowlage to turn it off also some payment gateways Require you to use that so they will not work if its on http
  • Can someone purchase it on the web end? - Yes and no the web end provided with the system is just a API however there is a ADDON called Mineweb which is free and connects to MCG Minestore to show the products online and let players generate a buy command to use ingame!

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