So you wanna know what it does he?

Thats not easy to put it in a single line of text but i will try:
Its the most BEST Cheapest and Infinitly creatable donation system

free website maker

Product manager

Managing products and categories are 2 different things but still its very easy to handle.
and its all ingame using neat GUI's its all made clear how to add the products and for textual input the chat and anvil gui's are used!

Coupons and sales

No store is complete without a coupons or sales system.
well The minestore has both!
Create a player bound coupon in once of the 4 buildin types (fixed , percent , cheapest, most expensive)
or make a sale store wide or for e certain category


Sometimes some player can be very annoying creating fake purchases or is known for chargebacks well simply add him to the blacklist and its the end of the story he cannot use the gui's anymore!

Easy installer

All donation store systems are hosted by a external company this time you need to do it yourself but its nowhere near hard as the installer does the work for you! your ready in less then 5 minutes (if you have the DB info and ip ready)

High security

Every donation store needs its protection and because this is self hosted and not everyone knows what security they would need to add its build in the IP + Key check prevents any other system from using the webscripts

More then 100 Gateways

Using paymentwall and paypal the plugin and webend supports over 100 gateways from the dutch Ideal to Paypal  or creditcard its all there

Developer API

Sometimes you miss a feature in the plugin..
we can keep making them but that doesnt always solve the problem with the developer events the problem is to the past listen for a even and alter the data if needed all within the security protocol of a dev key in the Minestore plugin

Addons system

There are some addons already released and more to come extend your Minestore to the max with for example the deliverybox or the holograpic addon for showing the latest buyers or a goal

Site themes

Editing the web end is not needed but if you wanna give it your own full design you can transform the default landingpage by simply editing the theme!

MCG Language manager

Many server and many countrys all with their own language. well MCGMinestore supports all languages in form of language files. and if the language isnt there yet? you can simply make one!

NO personal info stored

It can be scaring that a Java plugin handles donations well not with this one as we never ever store any personal information as we use a special ORDER ID in combination with UUID

Completely ingame

All features are handled ingame from viewing the products and categories to adding them and managing them. its all ingame and stays ingame no web panel needed

Player head features or categories

Want to customize it even more? use the playerhead icon system and add your own skull skins to the  buttons! (with 8 already included)

Many build in actions

Instead of installing 20 plugins for 20 different actions most of them are already there!
Xp giving money items ranks permissions messages commands its all possible!

Just 1 perm node

Why having permissions for everything 1 is enough Minestore.admin for management and the rest is not needed!

Only 1 Dependency

Only Vault is required by de fault which means that the rest is all build in!

Feature system

Many donation store uses a text area to show the features we do it the icon way! with a head or item based icon with custom name the features are easy to read and show!

Multiversion support

The plugin will support all spigot versions back to 1.8
that measn it supports:
1.8 , 1.8.* , 1.9 , 1.9.* , 1.10 , 1.10.* , 1.11 , 1.11.* , 1.12 , 1.12.* , 1.13 , 1.13.*

Some ingame screenshots?

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