Need a webserver Use USB Webserver! Free!

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Using USBWebserver

Some people do not have a webserver. this is one thats free and has all the requirements in 1 package that can even be moved on a USB drive!

To use the USB Webserver you simply need to download the .zip file from the link above.

Once you have done that extract the zip at the location you want the server to be.

After that run USBWebserver.exe in the root. and select your language.
after that click phpmyadmin then login with details underneath it. (will change later)

when logged in you need a database so create one on the top Databases and then add a new one.

To make sure that no other person comes into your account change tha password on the main window (page after logging in) there should be a change password link.

When you have a database setup like we did empty the folder ROOT and put in the webscripts of the MCGMinestore plugin.
Now in the browser go to localhost:8080 and follow the installation like on the wiki explaned.

Connecting a domain

USBWebserver with domain usage.

Adding a domain will require a publicly accessable server.
first off make sure that the server is always online. and on the same ip. (static ip)

after that shut down the usbwebserver and open up the settings folder.
Edit the usbwebserver.ini and change apache to 80 instead of 8080

now go to your domain registar and add a A record pointing to your own IP
You can get that ip on or simular sites.

if  the server is reachable from the outsite entering the adress will show the page. if so reinstall the minestore using the domain instead of ip.

For those who cannot reach from the web. portforward port 80 on your modem or router. you can google how it works with your type of modem

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