Action Bridge and the Action system

Actions are a shortcut to many commands used in many plugins.
From giving XP to money its all intergated.
Features from other plugins can be added using the ActionBridge addon

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Actions and support

Here you can see every action the usage and plugin required

Plugin name Action Tag Usage Result
GriefpreventionGPCBGPCB:AmountGives 10 bonus claim blocks
McMMOMMLMML:Skill-LevelGives Levels to specified Skill
SuperLuckyBlock ProLBLB:AmountGives normal Luckyblocks
SuperLuckyBlock ProLBCLBC:Amount-TypeGives amount of the Defined type of Luckyblock
MCGMineStoreXPXP:LevelsGives XP Levels
MCGMineStoreMM:AmountGives the amount of money
MCGMineStoreCC:CommandExecutes the Command given with placeholder {player} for playername
MCGMineStorePP:permnameGives defined Permission
MCGMineStoreRR:RanknameSets the user Rank to defined value
MCGMineStoreARAR:RanknameAdds Defined rank to the user
MCGMineStoreII:Materialname-AmountGives defined item the amount of times to the user
MCGMineStoreCMCM:MessageSends a private message to the buyer
MCGMineStoreCMGCMG:messageSends a Global Message
MCGMineStoreEXPDEXPD:AmountProduct expires from defined amount of days (actions after this one count as expiry commands)
MCGMineStoreEXPHEXPH:AmountProduct expires from defined amount of hours (actions after this one count as expiry commands)
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