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The FAQ for those with questions!

  • What are the costs? - One time purchase fee then nothing!
  • What does error *** mean? - Please make a support ticket when you get errors. (see below)
  • What makes this better then ... Donation system? - its the only one fully ingame beside the fact that others limit if you do not pay them monthly this one is one time all features!
  • Is it secure? - Yes it certainly is it works with a encryption and key system basically a pincode thats encrypted and compaired to the server his own key beside the fact that it never stores any personal information only the ingame nickname and products purhcased
  • Is it  customizeable? - yes you can translate it to the full change colors and icons used in gui's
  • Does it work on versions lower then 1.13? - Yes but i will not give support for it
  • What gateways are supported? - Paymentwall / Paypal / PayGol
  • is it truely unlimited? - Yes with the exception of features and category's those are both around the 45 limit due to the inventory limit.
  • Whats the action system? - A system that changes short code into a full feature. for example M:100 means give the player 100 cash!

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