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Nope certainly not!
Its a one time per simutainless IP product.
You pay once for use on a single IP and it stays from you for ever.
However sharing it to others on other ipaddresses result in your copy being blocked.

Well thats a question i get a lot.
Well to be short.
Limitless - No Monthly fees - No online service needed - Host it yourself - Completely ingame
Should i go on?
Compaired to almost all others after just 2 months you already are making a profit. because it just costs 10 Euro for life instead of monthly between 2 - 70 euros depending on the package.

Yes for sure here is how:
* IP/Key check from plugin to web end.
* SSL Support
* No personal data will be stored
* Only web end communicates with the Mysql DB
* Encrypted data on the web end makes it impossible to fake as it uses a randomly generated id
* Payments are handled by official providers Paypal and Paymentwall they are registered and official world wide payment providers.
* Blacklist for blocking people out of the store.
* Using UUID instead of usernames/nicknames for better protection
* No external libs needed for communication between plugin and web end to seal the communication
* Even the Addon API has its own Security PIN

Yes fully you can customize:
* The colors of messages
* all the gui Icons
* the language the store uses
* the prefix before name or currency display
* the suffix after the name or currency display

We support 2 gateways.
Paypal < Paypal account and Creditcard
Paymentwall < more then 100 Gateways depending on the ones you select (including paypal)

MCG Security lib is created and intergrated into the plugin side to protect against hackers/leakers.
The plugin is completely injected with your spigot user ID when you download a copy this will inject through the whole plugin basically locking your id to the instance preventing sharing.
if you do share the system will lock and disable the plugin on the 2th instance.
so even when someone steals your plugin they cannot use it but you stil can.
This system sends your UID and a random number to the MCGSoft Activation service if you try to block this process the plugin disables itself.
Nothing else gets send. it only sends UID and your Spigot id (and the plugin indentifier (what shows its the minestore plugin calling) )to the Activation system.

Features a thing you normally put on a big product list.
Well  as you online get a chance to write a whole story and you have to worry about the space you have the looks and colors and such, i intergrated a special way to show the same.
Features is a system that allows you to set up to 43 different things a person gets when buying that product. for example a package that gives gold and iron can show 2 icons 1 goldbar icon and a iron bar icon each showcasing how much iron and gold they get. but its truly customiseable you can even use a head icon!

The action system is a system that adds the most used actions to the plugin without the need to add a command to every product.
for example normally when you give xp to someone you do /xp set mmuziek 100 or 100L depending on xp or xplevels. now you can add a action like XP:100 and it gives the  buyer 100 XP Levels. with the least coding!

Basically yes. mechanically no.
Nothing can be unlimited not even your bank account.
This plugin does not limit the number of products and does not limit the actions it execute per product. it also does not limit coupons you make per user and does not limit the number of blacklisted people.
It only limits the category's to max 54 (double chest) and Visible features to 43
The rest is truly unlimited.
No transaction limits no timed usage, no blockage on functions u use!


This is most of the time the problem of missing Mysqli Module enable/install that one and retry. otherwise visit your Servers error log for more detailed information

Error 1 points to  a communications error.
It can be a lot of things so start by checking if the url and key is set correctly.
Next to that check if its reachable and if it passes the key check the module MCrypt needs to be installed!

This is a common one.
You are missing the module it needs check the name after the end of this error message like utf8_encode or mcrypt_encode. Google is ur friend for your system to find the module you need.

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