MCG HoloStore

Show holographics about the latest donators or show a nice looking Goal progress bar that gets filled when donations are made!

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View Commands with their permissions
This plugin uses only 1 permission node : Minestore.holostore.admin

  • /holostore create [goal/last] < creates a hologram at location
  • /holostore remove [id] < removes hologram from id given
  • /holostore list < shows all holograms with location and removal id
  • /holostore refresh [goal/last] < reload holographics with given type
  • /holostore setgoal [amount] < set the monthly goal
  • /holostore setmax [limit] < set the max donators to show on the lastdonator list
  • /holostore devkey [key] < sets the devkey from the Minestore plugin


Which plugins are required?

MCG Minestore
Holographic Displays

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