Installing and Requirements

This plugin and web end is made to use the least amount of dependency's
However its impossible to make the web end using nothing. so here are the requirements and a helpfull installation.

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For plugin and web end (excluding addons)

For the Plugin you will need :
Java 8
Spigot 1.8 +
Vault plugin

For the web-end you will need:
SQLLite v3
PHP 5 +
CGI Module
Curl Module
Write access
free space on a webserver (duhh..)
if you do not have a webserver or one that doenst meet these requirements.
first try to meet the requirements if thats not possible or you do not have one 
I recommend Xampp as server software

Installing the web end and plugin

The web end is since 3.0.0 way more easy to install.
simply copy the MCGSetup.php to the root of the domain and run the /donate admin install ingame.

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